31st Aug 2020

4 benefits of respite care for the carer

If you have funding for short term accommodation in your child’s NDIS plan, you can access out-of-home and/or overnight respite care. Respite care has many benefits for your child and there are many benefits for parents and carers as well.

28th Aug 2020

What happens in Speech Therapy?

Your child may have been referred for speech therapy because they are experiencing challenges with communication or feeding (or both of these things). In this article, we hear from our Ipswich based speech therapy team about what parents and children can expect when they have been referred for speech therapy.

24th Aug 2020

Therapy Support for Children: Ideas for Home

In these unusual times when it may be more challenging to attend your child’s regular therapy sessions, therapy activities at home are a great option. Here are some ideas to get you started

21st Aug 2020

Looking for respite for your teenager in Brisbane?

Parents and carers of teenagers know that they love hanging out with their friends, trying out new things and experiences and gaining independence from their family. This applies to teenagers with high support needs just as much as for typically developing teenagers. However, for teenagers with high support needs arising from complex disability, it is usually much more challenging for them to achieve this.

20th Aug 2020

How physiotherapy supports children with disability

Sometimes physiotherapy can be thought of as being a type of therapy that helps individuals to physically recover after suffering an injury,  an accident, a surgery or other physical trauma. While this is true, physiotherapy can support children with disability to improve their physical wellbeing.

17th Aug 2020

Therapy & the NDIS for children with disability in North Lakes – Part 2

In last week’s article of this series Therapy & the NDIS for children with disability in North Lakes we explored how therapy is categorised under the NDIS, how to request funding for therapy and who can provide therapy. This week, we look further into how therapy works within the NDIS to support children and young people with disability in the North Lakes area and beyond.

14th Aug 2020

Xavier Place Brisbane: Out of home respite for children with high support needs

Xavier Place is our newly renovated, 6 bed out of home respite centre situated in the Brisbane suburb of Yeerongpilly. At Xavier Place your child, teenager or young person will receive the quality of care that they need to support their needs

11th Aug 2020

Finding the right in home disability support for children

At Xavier, we’ve been supporting children with complex disabilities and their families in the Brisbane area for over 70 years. We understand the importance of finding the right in home disability support for children and families.

10th Aug 2020

Therapy & the NDIS for children with disability in North Lakes – Part 1

The NDIS has been providing funding for children with a disability in the North Lakes area since its roll-out commenced in 2019. As some families and children commence their second plans, it can still be confusing for parents and caregivers to understand how therapy works in the NDIS.

7th Aug 2020

Accessing a respite centre for teenagers in Brisbane via the NDIS

Finding the right respite centre for your Brisbane teenager is so important for your child and for your family. Your teen needs to feel comfortable, relaxed and safe in an environment that gives them the opportunity to enjoy some independence away from their parents (just like every teenager wants!)

5th Aug 2020

Occupational Therapy Support for Children in Brisbane

Occupational therapy support can help children with complex disability to reach their potential everyday and to do more of the things that they love. At Xavier, our team of experienced Occupational Therapists support children throughout Brisbane and the greater Brisbane area to be more independent, confident and to participate in everyday activities.

3rd Aug 2020

Occupational Therapy: Helping your child with pincer grip

Our North Lakes based occupational therapy team are passionate about supporting children with a disability to do more everyday activities that help them to live a fun and more independent life.