Complex and chronic conditions

When a child or young person is living with a complex or chronic condition that impacts on their health and wellbeing, it is very hard for them to achieve their personal goals.  Our nursing team can provide support to manage your child’s ongoing symptoms and the day-to-day challenges they may face. We can provide health assessments, plans of care, monitoring, coaching, motivation and educational support so that you are better informed to manage complex and chronic concerns. We will work with your child and your family, as well as your wider network of health professionals such as your GP or hospital team to achieve your child's health, wellbeing and personal goals.


What is complex and chronic condition management?

Complex and chronic condition management is the planning and coordination of healthcare that is child (or person) centred.  Our goal is to work with your child and family to predict possible health and wellbeing issues resulting from complex or chronic conditions to implement preventative strategies.  Our goal is to avoid hospital admissions through proactive planning, increasing awareness and early identification of issues, intervention and communication.

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