Our Nursing team will work with your family to help your child achieve a better quality of life. We provide and assist with care and support for children with complex needs.

These complex needs and supports represent some of highest risks for your child, workers and carers, and are areas where Xavier takes particular care to source the relevant skills and knowledge to deliver high quality and safe supports.  Our Registered Nurses provide training to all our Support Workers on the specific needs of your child.  Our goal is to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions by providing support and guidance to you and our Support Workers.

Where required or requested, our Registered Nurses will assess your child’s individual health needs to create a plan of care. Our nurses will advise on whether the tasks outlined in the care plan can be completed by providing comprehensive training to Support Workers.

Our nurses also deliver direct care to children where the Support Worker is unable to undertake that activity or to provide advice and direction for the family and worker.

Navigating Health Services can be confusing and complicated and our nurses can provide guidance and support as you transition through health services with your child. Our nurses focus on maintaining the wellbeing of your child to increase their quality of life.

Areas Nurses can assist: 

- Transitioning from hospital to home
- Providing advice and support on life changes as your child grows and matures
- Strategies to develop routines at home that suit the whole family
- Sleep strategies
- Post-surgery support, care and advice
- Palliative care and end of life support and advice
- Pain management
- We are here for advice and support

Specific care activities our nurses can undertake or provide training on:

- Infection control and hand hygiene including strategies to reduce the risk of infection for your child
- Basic urinary health and bowel care
- Basic medication management
- Basic pressure area prevention care
- Naso-gastric or PEG feeding and management
- Tracheostomy care and management
- Urinary catheter or in-out catheter care
- Complex wound management
- Suctioning
- Oxygen therapy and oxygen saturation monitoring
- Complex bowel care including rectal medication and enemas
- Urinary catheter management (all forms)
- High risk of seizures and seizure management
- Diabetes care

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