A spotlight on Diabetes

A spotlight on Diabetes

If your child has been diagnosed with diabetes you need to seek the appropriate support from health professionals. You should seek to get a diabetes management plan in place and ensure that everyone in your child’s support network understands their role in supporting and managing your child’s diabetes. 

The funding responsibilities of the NDIS: Early Childhood Development

The funding responsibilities of the NDIS: Early Childhood Development

One of the areas that can cause confusion for families navigating the NDIS is determining whether specific funding is the responsibility of the NDIS or another service or system. In this article we explore the funding responsibilities of the NDIS and other systems in relation to early childhood development.

Pressure sores: Prevention and treatment

Pressure sores: Prevention and treatment

Pressure sores are areas of damage to skin and soft tissue caused by ongoing friction, moisture or pressure. Children with physical and complex disability who are immobile or have difficulty with mobility are at risk of developing pressure sores. We taske a look at causes, prevention and treatment. 

Building language skills

One of the ways that Speech Pathologists can help children with their communication is by supporting them to build their language skills. While your child’s Speech Pathologist will play a vital role in supporting your child to improve their language skills, there are so many ways that parents, carers, teachers and educators can help too. 

What is 24/7 Postural Support?

During a 24 hour period, there are generally three core postural orientations for all of us. They are lying, sitting and standing. Individuals with no movement limitations are able to move freely between these three postures.  However, for those who have movement differences this is not always the case.

The NDIS and Counselling

Counselling is an allied health support that can improve the quality of life for both those living with a disability and their family members. For families of children with a disability, it’s not widely known that counselling can be accessed through your child’s NDIS plan.

A Guide to Transdisciplinary Practice

You may have heard the term “transdisciplinary practice” in relation to disability support for your child but what exactly is transdisciplinary practice and what is involved?

Building hand strength

There are a number of reasons why a child might experience weakness in their hands such as low muscle tone, neuro-muscular disorders and more. Our team of occupational therapists will often work with children to help them develop strength and coordination of the tiny little muscles in their hands.