Xavier's response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 health situation continues to change and as part of our response , we encourage our community to stay up to date with the advice issued by Queensland Health.

Skye's Speech Therapy Journey

Skye was born with a genetic disorder that is so rare, she is one of a kind in the whole world. Skye has had regular Speech Therapy sessions for over two years to support her with her feeding and communication. Skye’s Dad Owen says “Skye has really exceeded all of our expectations with how she has progressed”.

Counselling and mental wellbeing for parents of children with disability

Parents of children with disability can often experience challenges with their mental wellbeing and with feelings of stress, isolation or overwhelm. Counselling can support you to cope with some of these feelings and emotions. Practicing self-care is something that our counselling team always encourage and it helps to strengthen your mental wellbeing.

What is 24/7 Postural Support?

During a 24 hour period, there are generally three core postural orientations for all of us. They are lying, sitting and standing. Individuals with no movement limitations are able to move freely between these three postures.  However, for those who have movement differences this is not always the case.

Therapy Blog: A Parent's Guide to Speech Pathology

Speech pathology can be commonly referred to as speech/language therapy. If your child has been newly referred for speech pathology or you’re just starting out on your therapy journey, you may be wondering just what it’s all about.

Therapy Blog: Why we love Music Therapy

Have you ever been going about your day, driving to work or shopping in your local supermarket and you hear a song that takes you right back to an entirely different time in your life? It’s pretty extraordinary that a song can completely alter how we’re feeling, sometimes only temporarily but the affects can be even longer term.

Therapy Blog: Early Language and Communication

Understanding early language and communication as adults, can help us to better support children as they’re learning. A Speech Pathologist can work with your child to identify communication difficulties, formulate therapy goals and support your child’s early communication development.

Therapy Blog: What is Chaining?

Forward chaining and backward chaining are techniques used to teach children to learn tasks that have multiple steps.  Chaining actively involves the child in the task and helps them to master one step at a time until all steps are mastered.