A Guide to Transdisciplinary Practice

You may have heard the term “transdisciplinary practice” in relation to disability support for your child but what exactly is transdisciplinary practice and what is involved?

Building hand strength

There are a number of reasons why a child might experience weakness in their hands such as low muscle tone, neuro-muscular disorders and more. Our team of occupational therapists will often work with children to help them develop strength and coordination of the tiny little muscles in their hands.

Dysphagia. A difficult diagnosis to swallow!

This Wednesday 17th March is Swallowing Awareness Day. Just like breathing, swallowing is a reflex and it is essential to everyday life. The theme of this year’s Swallowing Awareness Day is “Dysphagia. A difficult diagnosis to swallow!”

The funding responsibilities of the NDIS: Health

Confused about what health supports the NDIS will fund? We summarise the health supports that are funded by the health system and those that are funded by the NDIS.

3 ways counselling supports families and individuals with disability

Disability counselling provides support to people with disability and their families (this can be parents, siblings, partners or carers). Counselling can help them to address the challenges that they face individually and as a family as a result of their family member’s disability.

Strengthening exercises in Physiotherapy

One of the ways that our Physiotherapy team might work with your child is through strengthening exercises, which are used as a way to support children who experience muscle weakness and low tone.

Holiday Therapy

School's out! With the summer break upon us, here are some fun activity ideas to keep your child motivated and working towards their therapy goals.

Why our OTs love sensory trays

Sensory trays are an effective way to help your child with a disability to improve and develop not only their senses but also their fine motor movements. They prompt self-directed play where your child is able to explore and play independently.