Therapy at home

What exactly does “therapy at home” involve for you and your child? Some parents and carers might worry that therapy at home involves replicating in-clinic therapy sessions. This is a daunting task and is not the intention of therapy at home. 

COVID-19 Update for Therapy & Nursing Supports

We are closely monitoring the information and advice provided by our government health departments regarding COVID-19. We are working on ways to continue our therapy and nursing services in a revised format. 

An update on COVID-19

With the recent updates in the media about the COVID-19 virus it’s understandable that many of us feel concerned.  At Xavier, our priority is the health of our children and families, our staff and our volunteers.

How to get equipment repaired under the NDIS

As children with physical disabilities rely on equipment to help them every day, it is disruptive and can be upsetting when vital equipment breaks. If you find yourself in the situation, the first step is don’t panic! This article explains what you need to do

Therapy Blog: Hydrotherapy

You will most likely have heard of hydrotherapy but what exactly is it and how does it work to support children, teens and young adults with a physical disability?

The NDIS Review: What does it all mean?

In May 2019, the Federal Government commissioned a review of the NDIS to identify opportunities to make processes simpler and more straight-forward. The review found that the NDIS is improving economic and social outcomes for many of its participants and increasing their ability to achieve their goals. The review also found that the rollout of the NDIS has not been smooth for all participants.

Therapy Blog: Supporting communication with PODD

You may have heard of the term “PODD”. Perhaps from your child’s Speech Pathologist, online or from other parents of kids with complex communication needs. What exactly is PODD and how can it support your child’s communication?

Choosing Plan Management

Plan Management is one of the three ways that you can choose to manage your NDIS funds. While participants choose Plan Management for many different reasons based on their individual and/or family circumstances, this option can have multiple benefits.