Medication monitoring

It is so important that your child takes their medications as prescribed by your doctor. This can get complicated when you are dealing with multiple medications to treat a range of health and wellbeing conditions. Our nursing team understands the need to make this as simple as possible for parents and carers. We’ll work with you to find the best way that works for your child and your family to monitor and manage medication. Some examples of how Xavier Nursing staff can provide support:

  • Teaching the person, family and carers the rationale and how to avoid side effects of medication
  • Teaching family, carers and Support Workers how to manage complex medications such as:
    • Baclofen pumps
    • Cytotoxic medication
    • insulin
    • Schedule 8 medications (such as morphine or other pain management medications)
    • medications for high risk of seizures such as Midazolam, rectal valium or Clonazepam
    • medications to prevent and manage constipation such as enemas and suppositories

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