Palliative care and end of life care

Our team are here to provide your child and your family with support when palliative care is needed. We will support you so that your child can spend as much time as possible at home surrounded by their loved ones and the familiarity of home. Our approach to palliative care is about improving your child’s and your family’s quality of life holistically, rather than focussing on physical symptoms alone. We will work with you, your Support Workers and your child’s team of health professionals, including the Queensland Children’s Hospital community palliative care team, to provide sensitive and compassionate support.


Our nursing team can work with you, your Support Workers and the hospitals' palliative care team to:


  • Provide support and training of workers caring for children during end of life so your goals and desires can be followed
  • Follow pain and symptom management plans
  • Provide comfort and emotional support
  • Support you to create a peaceful end of life experience

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