Music Therapy

Does your child respond to music? Our qualified Music Therapist will work with your child to achieve their therapeutic goals through music. Our Music Therapists may enhance therapeutic goals around speech, cognition, motor coordination, pain management and relaxation. Our music therapy is tailored to the needs of each child that we work with but one thing is consistent – music therapy has a positive impact on our children and they love the experience of music therapy.

The benefits of Music Therapy

  • Help with relaxation and provide comfort, music can have a calming effect
  • The strategies applied to Music Therapy can help children with pain management
  • Assist children to express their emotions
  • Encourages socialisation and inclusion in a group setting, helping your child to make new friends and increasing their confidence
  • Music can simply put a smile on your child’s face and we know there is nothing more beautiful than that

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Your Funding Options

Music Therapy can be purchased through NDIS funding as well as private funds. 

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