Specialist and general nursing

Our team of experienced nurses will ensure that your child’s health and wellbeing conditions are proactively managed. We can provide direct "nurse only" care in your home, at your child's school or daycare or in short term accommodation like Xavier Place.


"Nurse only" care involves more complex activities that require a higher level of training and professional qualifications than a Support Worker can undertake to maintain the safety of a child or young person. "Nurse only" care activities include:

  • Urinary catheter care including indwelling catheter, urinary stoma and in/out catheter changes
  • Assessing and developing plans of care to prevent and manage pressure injuries and ulcers
  • Naso-gastric or PEG feeding and management in conjunction with a dietitian
  • Development of tracheostomy care and management plans including training workers on tracheostomy care
  • Undertaking complex wound management including advice on wound care products and development of wound care plans
  • Recommending appropriate equipment, teaching and supporting on suctioning of excess secretions
  • Recommending appropriate equipment, teaching and supporting oxygen therapy, oxygen saturation monitoring and maintaining respiratory health
  • Infection control and hand hygiene including strategies to reduce the risk of infection for your child
  • Training, monitoring and supporting workers, carers and families on your child's complex needs

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