Health & wellbeing

Our goal is to work closely with your child and your family to help reduce hospital admissions so that you can stay together as a family in your home as much as possible and achieve your personal goals. We work with you to monitor the health and wellbeing of your child with the aim to get on top of health challenges before they get worse and mean that your child needs to stay in hospital.  Where appropriate, some of the ways that we support health and wellbeing to improve psychological and physical wellbeing and a sense of dignity are:


  • Replacing PEG buttons in the home rather than at hospital
  • Replacing naso-gastric tubes in the home rather than needing a hospital admission
  • Developing strategies for breathing health (respiratory) which is a common complication of immobility and swallowing difficulties
  • Teaching, coaching and supporting your child (if appropriate), family and Support Workers on strategies to maintain health and wellbeing
  • Support for good personal hygiene for protection against illness and infection

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