8th Apr 2020

Occupational Therapy for Ipswich children with a disability

With the development of the recent COVID-19 health situation, our team of therapists supporting children and families in the Ipswich area, are working to provide telehealth services as well as support for therapy at home. In this blog we explore therapy at home for our Ipswich kids.

6th Apr 2020

Xavier disability support services Brisbane: COVID-19 changes

At Xavier, we’ve been providing disability support services to Brisbane children and their families for over 70 years. With the current COVID-19 health situation, we’ve made some changes to the ways that we provide services.

3rd Apr 2020

How we're managing in home disability support for Brisbane families

In response to the global COVID-19 health situation, we have recently made some changes to the way in which we provide in home disability support for our children and young people in Brisbane. Here’s a quick summary of some of the recent changes we’ve made