15th Jul 2021

Speech Therapy: Supporting children in North Lakes

Our new community therapy clinic is opening soon in North Lakes to support children, teens and young adults with a disability. One of the ways that we will provide support is through speech therapy (also known as speech pathology). What exactly is speech pathology and how does it support children with disability?

13th Jul 2021

Choosing the right therapy provider for your child

Choosing the right therapy provider to support your child with disability is an important decision. You may choose either NDIS registered providers or non-registered providers depending on how your child’s plan is managed but most importantly, your therapy provider needs to be the right fit for your child and your family.

7th Jul 2021

The role of physiotherapy: Supporting children with disability

Physiotherapy can support children and young people with physical and multiple disabilities in lots of ways. How physiotherapy works to support your child will depend on their skills, ability and their individual goals.

5th Jul 2021

Speech Therapy tips from our Scarborough team

Our Scarborough team of speech pathologists support children and young people with complex physical and multiple disability to improve their communication and help with mealtimes. There are lots of things that you can do at home and we’re here to support you and provide advice every step of the way.

1st Jul 2021

How counselling supports families of children with disability

At Xavier, our trained and experienced counsellors are here to support families of children with disability. But how can they help? To answer this question, first let’s take a look at the role of counselling.