31st May 2021

Supporting children with a disability in North Lakes through early intervention

Our new community therapy clinic in North Lakes is set to open soon. From our new clinic, our experienced allied health team will work together to support children with disability to live the best lives that they can. Our team understand the important role that early intervention plays in providing the best possible start for babies, infants and young children with a disability.  

28th May 2021

Occupational therapy helping children with transitions

One of the ways that our team occupational therapists support children with disability and their families is by helping with transitions.

21st May 2021

Occupational Therapy: Supporting children with disability in Ipswich

Our Occupational Therapists support children with disability throughout Brisbane and the greater Brisbane area including in the Ipswich area. Occupational therapy (OT) helps children and young people to improve their everyday lives and do more of the things that they love.

20th May 2021

The importance of respite care

Respite care, also known as short term accommodation under the NDIS, provides an organised, temporary break for both carers and the loved ones that they care for.

12th May 2021

Early intervention therapy support for children in Brisbane

Early intervention services are so important for children with disability. Early intervention can help your child to develop their abilities and skills in functional behaviours, communication, social interaction and more.

3rd May 2021

Speech Therapy for children with disability in North Lakes

Our team of North Lakes based Speech Pathologists are ready to support children and young people with disability to reach their NDIS and personal goals. Let’s take a further look at what speech therapy is all about and how it can support your child.