26th Jul 2019

AAC Basics for Children's Speech Therapy in Brisbane

Our experienced and passionate Speech Pathologists provide children’s speech therapy across the Brisbane region. One of the ways that we’re able to support Brisbane children is through AAC which stands for Augmentative and Alternate Communication.

25th Jul 2019

Physiotherapy for Children with high support needs

Xavier physiotherapy for children with high support needs provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment programs to enable children to improve movement and maintain or develop strength, flexibility and posture. Our team of experienced Physiotherapists can also support your child to meet their therapy goals through the prescription of mobility equipment and aids.

15th Jul 2019

Therapy support for children in Brisbane & the NDIS

For Brisbane children with high support needs it is very likely that you will be requesting funds for therapy as part of your NDIS plan. What do you need to know about therapy support for children in Brisbane & the NDIS?

1st Jul 2019

Occupational Therapy for Brisbane Children: Tips for parents

Our experienced team of allied health professionals provide occupational therapy for Brisbane children to help them do more of the things that they love. There are also lots of things that parents and care givers to can do at home to help your child to reach their therapy goals. Here are our top three tips for parents: