04 Jun 2019

NDIS self-managed funding explained by your child disability service provider

As families commence with their first NDIS plan, the question of whether to self-manage, agency manage or consider NDIS plan management will arise. While self-managed funding works well for some families of children accessing children’s disability services Brisbane, it’s not for everyone. It is vital to consider your own unique family circumstances and whether self-managed funding will work for you.

What is self-managed funding?

The NDIA use the term self-managed funding, to refer to “payment of the entire package directly to the participant (or nominee) who is responsible for all aspects of administration of the package”.

Self-funding is not a new concept. Prior to the NDIS there were options for families to manage their own funding package and control the allocation of funds to chosen child disability service providers

If you have been self-managing prior to your NDIS transition it may be a natural progression for you to consider self-managing your child’s first NDIS plan.

Is self-management right for my family?

When considering whether self-management is right for your family make sure that you do your research. Speak to your child disability service provider as well as doing your own “homework”. It is critical to know what is involved in self-management and the commitment required in order to self-manage.

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