27th Feb 2019

Occupational therapy for children - what to expect from a session

Occupational therapy for children is a way to improve the child’s ability and confidence in performing their ‘occupations’. But what is a child’s occupation? Simply carrying out their ‘jobs’, that is, the things that children do each day including playing, socialising and learning. Read more...

20th Feb 2019

5 ways physiotherapy for children can help your child with special needs

The nature of your child’s special needs can mean that they spend more time in the one position than other children. This can have a detrimental effect on their wellbeing. One of the ways that this can be addressed is by taking part in physiotherapy for children.

15th Feb 2019

Child disability service providers and how they can help

When health professionals refer to ‘child disability service providers’, if you're not familiar with these providers, it can be difficult to understand what this means. The term is broad and the services that child disability service providers offer are broad too. Read more...