24th Jun 2020

Practical tips for choosing the right NDIS Therapy Providers in Ipswich

Choosing the right provider of therapy support for your child is so important. Your therapist needs to be the right fit for your child and your family and therapy needs to be provided in an environment in which you and your child feel comfortable and relaxed.

22nd Jun 2020

Registered NDIS therapy providers Ipswich: Supporting children to have fun with therapy at home

One of the ways that we support children with a disability and their families is by providing support and ideas for therapy at home, to supplement their formal therapy sessions. Therapy at home doesn’t need to feel like therapy. It can feel like play or like every day activities that you do as you’re going about your day. Here are some quick tips from our Ipswich based Occupational Therapy team.

17th Jun 2020

Occupational therapy support for children in Brisbane: Help with transitions

One of the ways that our team of Brisbane based occupational therapists are able to provide therapy support to children with a disability and their families is by helping with transitions.

15th Jun 2020

Xavier Place: Out of home respite for Brisbane teenagers

Teenagers love to spend time with their friends, independent of their parents and teenagers with a disability are no exception. At Xavier Place, we’ve created a fun environment for teenagers with a disability to spend time with others of their own age whilst receiving the support that they need.

10th Jun 2020

Supporting children with a disability in North Lakes through Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is delivered by a Speech Pathologist - a university trained allied health professional. They will assess, diagnose and treat individuals who experience challenges with communication and/or swallowing. We've recently expanded our allied health team into the North Lakes area, our experienced Speech Pathologist is ready to support kids in the area. 

8th Jun 2020

Supporting children in Logan through Occupational Therapy

At Xavier, we’ve recently expanded our allied health services into the Logan area to support more children with a disability and their families. One of the allied health services that we’re providing to support children with a disability to reach their goals is occupational therapy.

5th Jun 2020

Why Brisbane families of children with a disability are choosing overnight respite

Overnight respite care isn’t for every family of a child with a disability. It isn’t a one size fits all approach. However, for some families caring for a child with a disability, overnight respite care in centres like Xavier Place in the Brisbane suburb of Yeerongpilly provides the additional support that they need.

4th Jun 2020

How to find the right disability respite care for children in Brisbane

Finding the right respite care for your child with a complex disability can be challenging. You will need to be confident that your child will receive the quality care that they need to meet their needs and that they are happy and comfortable. There are different types of respite care options, depending on where you live, the age of your child and their support needs. 

3rd Jun 2020

Occupational Therapy tips for Brisbane children and families

At Xavier we provide occupational therapy (OT) for children with a disability throughout Brisbane north and south, Ipswich, Logan and the Moreton Bay Regional Council area. Our team of occupational therapists are a passionate bunch whose job it is to help kids with a disability and their families to live the best lives that they can and to participate in every day life to the best of their ability. 

1st Jun 2020

Counselling for parents of children with a disability

Raising a child with a disability or health condition can be tough on a family. If you are the parent of a newly diagnosed child or even if you have more experience, feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and sometimes depression are not uncommon.