29th Jul 2020

A quick guide to Speech Therapy for parents of children with disability

Speech therapy can also be known as speech pathology or speech/language pathology. Speech therapy is delivered by a qualified Speech Pathologist. If your child with a has recently been referred for speech therapy, you might not know what to expect. 

27th Jul 2020

Supporting children with disability in North Lakes through Speech Therapy and AAC

We recently expanded our Allied Health team to include Speech Pathologists supporting children and young people with disability in the North Lakes area. Our experienced and talented team will assess your child’s needs and support them to meet their therapy goals with an individualised treatment program. One of the ways that we can support children and young adults with a disability who are non-verbal is through the use of AAC.  

23rd Jul 2020

Therapy Funding & the NDIS: Support for children with a disability in North Lakes

We recently expanded our therapy team into the North Lakes area to support more children and young people and their families. Under the NDIS, your child can receive funding for therapy support to help them to meet their goals.

21st Jul 2020

Supporting Brisbane children with disability through physiotherapy

Our team of Physiotherapists support children with disability and related health needs throughout Brisbane and the greater Brisbane area. Physiotherapy can support children to improve mobility, to reach physical milestones such as sitting, standing and walking, to manage and reduce pain and stiffness, to improve muscle tone and to reach many more physical therapy goals. Outside of formal sessions with your child’s Physiotherapist, these goals can also be supported at home.

20th Jul 2020

The importance of disability respite care for children and families

Respite care is when someone looks after your child with a disability. It can be for a few hours a day, overnight or for longer periods like a few days or weeks. Respite care can take place in your home or at another location such as a respite centre. Families might use respite care only a couple of times a year or more regularly such as on a weekly basis depending on your unique circumstances.

16th Jul 2020

Now providing occupational therapy for children with a disability in Logan

We have recently expanded the therapy support that we provide to children and young adults with a complex disability and related health needs into the Logan area. Let’s take a closer look at the role of occupational therapy for children and young adults with disability and high support needs.

14th Jul 2020

Finding a respite centre for teenagers in Brisbane

If you’re looking for a Brisbane respite centre for your teenager with a disability, this easy guide might help. Caring for a teenager with a disability is challenging and it’s ok to feel exhausted and to need or want a break. Respite care is not just beneficial for parents and carers but it gives your teenager the opportunity to have some fun away from you with their peers.

6th Jul 2020

Providing occupational therapy for children with a disability in North Lakes

Our North Lakes allied health team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech pathologists are here to help your child to meet their therapy goals. In this article, we explore how occupational therapy can support children and young people with a disability.

3rd Jul 2020

Xavier Therapy Support for Brisbane Children

We’ve expanded our therapy team to enable us to provide a multi-disciplinary approach, supporting Brisbane children with physical and multiple disabilities to meet their goals

2nd Jul 2020

Accessing disability short term accommodation in Brisbane

The way that Brisbane families access short term accommodation (also known as respite) for their child with a disability has changed under the NDIS. At Xavier Place, Brisbane, we understand the importance of overnight respite for children and for families.

1st Jul 2020

Supporting Brisbane children with a disability through Physiotherapy: What to expect

One of the ways that we support children to reach their potential is through physiotherapy. The goal of physiotherapy for children, as with adults, is to improve physical wellbeing which can be through improved movement, flexibility and strength, decreased pain and restored physical function.