30th Nov 2020

Ways that occupational therapy supports children with disability

In occupational therapy, “occupations” are everyday activities that both children and adults do as individuals, in families, at a workplace or place of education and within communities.

29th Nov 2020

The importance of disability respite care for the Brisbane carers

Being the parent and full time carer of a child or young person with disability is a unique journey; incredibly rewarding, all-consuming, exhausting and a rollercoaster of emotions. Disability respite care gives carers the opportunity to take a break, re-charge and focus on other things.

23rd Nov 2020

Practical tips for choosing the right child disability service provider

Where should you start when choosing a child disability service provider to meet the needs of your child and your family? In this short article we explore some of the practical ways to help you find the right provider. 

20th Nov 2020

A Guide to Physiotherapy for Children with disability

We believe that the role of our physiotherapists is to support children to fulfil their potential and participate in the physical aspects of life to the best of their ability.

16th Nov 2020

Xavier Place Respite centre for children in Brisbane

As parents, we strive to encourage our children to experience new things, to build their independence and to just be kids and have some fun. For children with complex and multiple disability who require specialist care, this comes with its own unique challenges.

9th Nov 2020

Supporting children with disability: Occupational Therapy North Lakes

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to support your child to meet their therapy goals our occupational therapists work with our physiotherapists and speech pathologists to support children and young people.  

5th Nov 2020

Choosing respite care for Brisbane children

Choosing the right respite care for your child is a big decision and for children with complex disability you need to ensure that their health support needs are met. In this article, we focus on centre-based respite care and how to find the right short-term accommodation to meet the needs of your child and your family. 

3rd Nov 2020

How physiotherapy supports children with a disability

There’s a common misconception that physiotherapy is an allied health treatment for sports injuries and other types of rehabilitation, for example following an accident or surgery. While this is true, there is so much more to physiotherapy.

2nd Nov 2020

Xavier therapy: Supporting children with disability in North Lakes

During 2020, we’ve been working to expand our therapy support services into more suburbs throughout the Brisbane region. Our Allied Health team are supporting children and young people with physical and multiple disability in the North Lakes area.