30 Nov 2020

Ways that occupational therapy supports children with disability

Occupational therapy (OT) can mistakenly be thought of as a support for adults because the name implies that the participant has an “occupation”. This can be confusing but in occupational therapy, “occupations” are everyday activities that both children and adults do as individuals, in families, at a workplace or place of education and within communities. These occupations bring purpose, meaning, pleasure and a sense of fulfilment to our everyday lives.


For children with a disability, occupational therapy develops the skills that children need to learn, to experience life, to be included and to play and have fun.


For children with a physical disability occupational therapy can help with:


  • regulating their senses to help with processing
  • mobility equipment to suit their needs
  • assistive technology such as aids to help your child dress
  • home and vehicle modifications to create the right environment
  • everyday activities like getting dressed, using the bathroom and mealtimes
  • fine motor skills such grasping or holding a pencil or paintbrush
  • inclusion at school or childcare or in community settings


As well as formal therapy sessions, our occupational therapists will work with you to support your child at home and provide fun activities (therapy in disguise!) to help your child meet their therapy goals.


Our occupational therapy sessions can be held in one of our community clinics, at home or in another setting such as school or childcare, depending on your child’s needs and what works for your family.  


Further information


If you’d like further information on how we can support your child through occupational therapy call 1800 XAVIER, email or complete our simple online form here.