Wound management

Our team of nurses use best practice, up-to-date techniques to assess and treat your child’s wounds. We assess and treat wounds and pressure sores from laying, sitting or using mobility equipment to help your child to be as comfortable as possible.  Our goal is to provide care to help your child’s wounds heal successfully to maintain quality of life.  Our nurses can:


  • Undertake wound assessments to create wound care plans and recommend the best care for wound type and pressure injuries
  • Undertake the direct treatment of complex wounds and pressure ulcers/injuries
  • Manage skin reactions to stoma appliances
  • Dress and manage wounds following a surgery
  • Treat skin conditions from prolonged exposure to moisture, urine and faeces or acidic effluent which can occur due to incontinence, PEG tubes and other drains and stomas
  • Provide a skin integrity assessment
  • Train Support Workers and carers in simple wound care and identifcation and prevention of pressure injuries


What is “skin integrity”?

Skin integrity incorporates the care and management of wounds and the prevention of pressure injuries (previously known as bed sores or pressure ulcers). A skin integrity or wound assessment is when a nurse examines your child using a formal assessment tool to identify any issues with the integrity their skin such as existing pressure injuries or vulnerable pressure points or rashes and wounds. Wounds and pressure injuries can be formally “graded” which leads to appropriate decisions on wound care. When the integrity of your child’s skin is compromised it leaves them vulnerable to infection.

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