At Xavier, we have been providing disability support to Brisbane children and families for over 70 years. Our range of multi-disciplinary services are designed to help children and young people with high needs to live the best lives possible with their family. From occupational therapy, physio and speech therapy through to support workers, nursing, respite and NDIS support, we're here to help. Find out more about our child and family support below.


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Who we are

At Xavier, we have a long and proud history supporting Brisbane families of children with complex disabilities and health needs. 

We work with families to help them access the support and services they require to best meet the unique needs of their child living with complex health and disability needs. We help children and their families to live the best lives possible, as a family. We provide health supports such as nursing and allied health services through to supporting children in play and in their community giving them the opportunity to just be kids.

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality support and services to families who really need it. Families who are caring for children with complex disabilities and health needs, that require very tailored care. Our team exclusively specialise in meeting these  complex needs and have decades of experience to draw upon. We work with families throughout the greater Brisbane region.

Xavier Spotlight

Therapy Blog: What is Chaining?

Forward chaining and backward chaining are techniques used to teach children to learn tasks that have multiple steps.  Chaining actively involves the child in the task and helps them to master one step at a time until all steps are mastered.

Therapy at Home: Routines and Transitioning

When we’re out of our usual routine things can get a little stressful for children and parents. To get a routine working well it’s super important to have successful communication of your routine and to transition between activities well.  

Connecting with nature during COVID-19

In these new and strange times, we’ve all been told to limit the amount of time we spend outside of our homes and not to venture too far. So how can you ensure you and your family are experiencing nature and all its benefits?

Therapy at Home: Chores

With many Queensland children set to “learn from home” for the first 5 weeks of Term 2, parents are understandably feeling anxious about the new role that they will play in their child’s education. As parents, there are lots of “life lessons” we can teach our kids at home and have some fun along the way.

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