28th Mar 2019

Disability Support Services Brisbane: Starting your NDIS journey

As a registered NDIS providers in Brisbane have been working with families in the Ipswich and now the greater Brisbane area, to help them plan and prepare for their transition to the NDIS.

19th Mar 2019

Physiotherapy for Children: An Overview

Physiotherapy for children will support your child to meet their physical goals. Your child may see a physio for a number of reasons such as to recover after an injury, to improve movement or posture or to improve their participation in physical activity to the best of their ability. 

12th Mar 2019

Supporting Families with Occupational Therapy for Brisbane Children

At Xavier, one of the ways that we support families is through occupational therapy for children in Brisbane with our team of qualified and experienced peadiatric Occupational Therapists (OTs). 

7th Mar 2019

Physiotherapy for children with low muscle tone

Physiotherapy for children can be used to improve low muscle tone. This is a condition where there are low levels of tension or resistance to the movement of a muscle. For children with low muscle tone, they require greater stimulation for their muscles to activate.