27 Jun 2019

Occupational Therapy for Brisbane Children: How it works

At Xavier, our experienced allied health team provide occupational therapy for Brisbane children to help them do more of the things that they love. We provide occupational therapy for Brisbane children with high support needs arising from a disability or health condition as well as for children who may not be hitting their developmental milestones.

How can Occupational Therapy support children?

Our team of Occupational Therapists will provide individualised support to help your child meet their therapy goals. Some of the areas we’re able to work with your child (and with you or their primary care giver) include:

  • Gross motor skills - such as walking, running, jumping and balancing
  • Fine motor skills - including drawing, cutting, doing buttons
  • Self-care - including toileting, dressing and eating
  • Social and play skills - such as learning to share and take turns
  • Sensory – regulating sensory information sound, movement, vision, taste, touch, smell and pressure
  • Equipment – providing assessment and advice on equipment such as wheelchairs, ramps and rails

Would my child benefit from Occupational Therapy?

There are some signs that can indicate that your child may benefit from occupational therapy support. They include:

  • Difficulties with gross or fine motor skills
  • Becoming easily overwhelmed in given situations
  • Difficulty with dressing, toileting, brushing their teeth and other everyday tasks
  • Struggles with attention and concentration or following direction
  • Difficulty sitting, fidgeting or excessive movement

What is involved in an occupational therapy session?

A session of occupational therapy for Brisbane children will have four key components:

  1. Background and goal setting
  2. Skills development
  3. Strategies to take home
  4. Having fun – your child should love occupational therapy!

Occupational Therapy can help your child in many ways. Get more information on Xavier’s occupational therapy for Brisbane children and young people, click here or call 1800 XAVIER.