28th Dec 2021

Supporting Logan kids with disability through Occupational Therapy

Our team of experienced Occupational Therapists support children with complex disability in the Logan area to improve the skills needed for everyday activities.

17th Dec 2021

Children's at-home Speech Therapy tips

Ordinarily, over the Christmas and summer school holidays, regular family routines can be disrupted. If your child misses a therapy session (or two), don’t panic. There are things that you can do at home to support them. 

13th Dec 2021

Providing Occupational Therapy for Children Living with Complex Disability

Occupational Therapy helps children learn or improve the skills involved in everyday tasks such as getting dressed and handling modern technology. The result is a happier, heathier life for your child.

10th Dec 2021

Understanding disability counselling for children and families

Counselling is a process which involves talking about and working through your problems with a qualified counsellor. Counsellors will often have an area of specialisation and at Xavier we provide disability counselling for children and families.