31 Aug 2020

4 benefits of respite care for the carer

If you have funding for short term accommodation in your child’s NDIS plan, you can access out-of-home and/or overnight respite care. Respite care has many benefits for your child such as the opportunity to make new friends (or catch up with old friends), to have a sense of independence and to have fun.

As the full-time carer of a child with complex disability and high support needs, there are many benefits for parents and carers as well.

Reduce stress levels – caring for a child with high support needs can result in elevated stress levels for the parent or full-time carer. While we don’t like to think of our loved ones as causing us stress, taking a break to do something you find relaxing can make all the difference.

Spend time doing things that you love – of course you love caring for your child but rediscovering some of the activities and pastimes that you used to enjoy before you became a special needs parent is so good for your own wellbeing and sense of self.

Stay connected – being a special needs parent can sometimes feel isolating and respite can give you the opportunity to catch up with family and friends that ordinarily you would find difficult to.

Recharge – caring for your child 24/7 can be overwhelming and it’s usual to feel physically and mentally tired at times. Taking a break so that you have the ability to continue to care for your child in the long-term is so important.

At Xavier Place in the Brisbane suburb of Yeerongpilly, we provide a comfortable, fun and safe environment for children and young people with complex disability and high support needs. You can take some time out for yourself knowing that your child is happy and safe.

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