05 Aug 2020

Occupational Therapy Support for Children in Brisbane

Occupational therapy support can help children with complex disability to reach their potential everyday and to do more of the things that they love. At Xavier, our team of experienced Occupational Therapists support children throughout Brisbane and the greater Brisbane area to be more independent, confident and to participate in everyday activities. Occupational Therapists sometimes call these “activities of daily living”.

How Occupational Therapy can help

Our Occupational Therapists can support your child with disability and your family with:

  • the right mobility equipment including wheelchairs, bathroom aids and equipment and hoists
  • assistive technology such as eating aids and pressure mattresses
  • modifications to your home, vehicle or other environments
  • sensory regulation to help your child with sensitivity to noise, touch and more
  • everyday activities such as toileting, dressing and washing
  • developmental skills including fine motor skills, writing and accessing technology
  • manual handling advice and training
  • daily routines and transitions that your child might find challenging

Occupational Therapy goals

Your child’s occupational therapy goals will be unique to your child and your therapist will help you work towards them. Some of the goals that an occupational therapist may support your child with include:

  • helping your child to play and participate
  • supporting your child to improve school performance
  • working towards greater independence and ability at everyday activities
  • developing fine motor skills
  • helping with balance and coordination

Further information

If you’d like to find out more about the occupational therapy support that we provide for children in Brisbane and throughout the greater Brisbane area, email or call us on 1800 XAVIER to chat to one of our friendly team.