14th Nov 2018

Physiotherapy for Children: How can it help your child?

Physiotherapy is one of the key ways that your child can improve their everyday skills, whilst also increasing their ability to participate in play, learning and socialising. Read more...

7th Nov 2018

Disability Support Services Brisbane: Home modifications

There are many ways the quality of life can be improved for children with complex disabilities and needs. Some are physical like physiotherapy for children, and some are more functional, such as occupational therapy for children. Helping your child interact with their home environment more easily will also help to increase their sense of independence and their confidence in their own abilities.

2nd Nov 2018

Short Term Accommodation - one of our Disability Support Services Brisbane

As a parent or carer raising a child with a disability, finding some time for yourself can be very challenging. At Xavier, we provide respite services for children in Brisbane to allow for both families and children to experience new things and spent time with others outside of the family unit.