17th Jan 2018

Your options for NDIS funding from your child disability service provider

As registered NDIS providers in Brisbane where the rollout of the NDIS will commence in July 2018, we are starting to work with families preparing for their transition. One of the areas that families have questions about is how funding works under the NDIS and what their options are.

There are four funding options within the NDIS...

11th Jan 2018

Finding the right Child disability service provider for your family

As part of the new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) families now have control and choice over their NDIS service providers in Ipswich. In the greater Brisbane area the roll-out of the NDIS will commence in July 2018 so families will be starting their pre-planning and research into the available services for children with disabilities in Brisbane.

How do families find the right child disability service provider for the unique needs of their child and their family? Here are some simple tips to get you started:

2nd Jan 2018

Understand key NDIS terms from NDIS service providers in Brisbane Part 3

As registered NDIS providers in Ipswich where the roll out of the NDIS has already commenced, we’re working closely with families on their NDIS pre-planning. We’re providing family support for children with disabilities in Brisbane as they navigate through the new world of the NDIS.

For the last two weeks we have published the first two blogs of a three part series which identifies and explains some key NDIS terms. In this our final post we looks at terms P through to R, here they are: