27th Jun 2018

Occupational Therapy Support for Children in Brisbane

Occupational Therapy Support can have a range of positive impacts as part of your child’s complex disability support. Our team of Occupational Therapists provide therapy support for children in Brisbane through assessment, intervention and advice on the best way to help children to develop skills and promote independence. 


19th Jun 2018

Accessing the NDIS: Help from your child disability service providers Brisbane

In order to access the NDIS your child will need to meet the access requirements defined by the NDIA. A summary of the general access requirements provided by the NDIA are detailed...

13th Jun 2018

NDIS Eligibility: A Quick Guide

In this article we provide a quick guide to the eligibility requirements for the NDIS. As the NDIS roles out in the greater Brisbane area it’s important to understand the requirements for eligibility.  As well as the types of complex disability support and services that are covered under the NDIS. Read more...

7th Jun 2018

6 tips for accessing the NDIS

As the role out of the NDIS progresses in the greater Brisbane region and as a child disability service provider, we’re working closely with our families to help them get the best outcomes for their child. In this blog article we share 6 tips for accessing the NDIS...