28th Dec 2018

How can Occupational Therapy for children help your child?

Occupational therapy for children is a specialised treatment for children with a physical, sensory or mental disability, to help them become more independent in all areas of their lives. Many people are familiar with occupational therapy as an aid to adults recovering from injuries to help them regain functionality or mobility, but it is just as important for children with ongoing disabilities.

17th Dec 2018

Therapy Support for Children in Brisbane - Speech Therapy

Helping your child improve their ability to communicate through speech therapy can greatly improve their self-confidence, independence and their ease in interacting with those around them including in a family environment, an education setting and out in the community.

4th Dec 2018

Children's disability nursing Brisbane

At Xavier, we provide children’s disability nursing Brisbane, for children and young adults with complex needs. This can help families to reduce the number of hospital admissions required in a given period of time. Our team of Registered Nurses will work with your family to help your child achieve a better quality of life and to support their complex needs.