23rd Mar 2022

In home support for children living with disability

There are many ways that in home support from one of Xavier’s Support Workers can benefit your child and your family to help your child achieve their goals and become as happy and healthy as possible.

14th Mar 2022

Providing Speech Therapy for Children Living with Disability in Ipswich

We provide a variety of different services to help children and young people and their families, one of which is Speech Therapy in the Ipswich area. From here Xavier’s highly qualified and university-trained Speech Pathologists can support the development of your child’s communication skills, helping them to communicate verbally and non-verbally, listen, make friends, strengthen relationships, and ultimately live a happier life.  

11th Mar 2022

Providing Occupational Therapy for Children Living with Disability in Brisbane

You may hear “Occupational Therapy” and think of physical rehabilitation for a workplace injury. However, our Occupational Therapy refers to helping children who live with disability improve the skills they require to complete everyday tasks, including getting dressed, personal care, or using modern technologies.

7th Mar 2022

Xavier: Providing Overnight Respite Care

Xavier has been supporting children living with disabilities, their families, and their carers for over 70 years. We do this by providing access to specialised services and supports including overnight respite care services in Brisbane. Helping children and young people with disability to live happier, healthier lives.