28 Apr 2022

Providing Child Disability Services

Xavier has been providing support services to children who live with disability for over 70 years. Through our multidisciplinary approach we improve the lives of children and young people with complex disability from all over Brisbane.

Xavier provides therapy services across several different allied health disciplines. Our team of therapists are all university qualified and highly dedicated to working with your child, their family, and their existing support team along every step of the journey to ensure everyone receives the best possible outcomes from their therapy experience. Here is a quick breakdown our allied health therapy services and how they can benefit your child.  


Physiotherapy addresses issues caused by bone or muscle weakness to help children who live with disability improve their physical fitness, health, and wellbeing. Xavier’s physiotherapists can help your child improve their:

  • Spinal health and posture
  • Strength, speed, stamina, and dexterity
  • Balance, leading to reduced falls
  • Overall physical health and fitness
  • Social interactions by developing an interest in physical pursuits such as group sports

Occupational Therapy

While many think of Occupational Therapy as workplace rehabilitation, it in fact relates to developing the skills we all use to complete tasks in our everyday lives. Occupational Therapy helps children living with disability by supporting:

  • The development of fine motor skills for holding and using objects
  • Personal growth, self-sufficiency, independence, and self-confidence
  • Your child’s ability to complete everyday activities such as washing and dressing themselves, and using the bathroom
  • The use of modern technology such as tablets

Speech Therapy

There is more to Speech Therapy than just talking. Our Speech Therapy services include helping your child with all forms of communication. Our team of Speech Pathologists can help your child with:

  • Expressing their thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants
  • Listening and paying attention
  • Comprehending what is being communicated to them by other people
  • Learning body language, emotional and social cues, and other non-verbal communication techniques
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Grasping literacy skills like reading and writing
  • Following instructions
  • Regulating their emotions and behaviour
  • Socialising to make new friends
  • Learning, particularly new words and language skills

Music Therapy

Music is already a big part of most children’s lives and it’s something they enjoy. This makes Music Therapy particularly effective at helping children in the following areas:

  • Improving their ability to express themselves
  • Calming and relaxing themselves
  • Regulating their emotions, behaviour, and potentially even physical pain
  • Cognitive thinking, pattern recognition, creative skills and understanding abstract concepts
  • Socialising with their friends and family
  • Increasing their enjoyment of life

NDIS Funded Child Disability Services

The child disability services provided by Xavier can be funded through the NDIS. For this to be the case the therapy in question must be deemed either reasonable or necessary, meaning it must be either fair or essential for your child to access it.

Alongside our sister organisation InFocus, Xavier can help you receive NDIS funding to pay for your child’s therapy services. Whether it’s your first time accessing the NDIS or if your child is an existing participant and you would like to change their care plan in order to receive one of the above therapies with Xavier, we can help you and your child every step of the way.

Contact Xavier Today

Xavier’s support team is here to help you and your child on every stage of their therapy journey. For more information on any of these services or for any other questions you may have, simply call 1800 XAVIER or email for further information. When you call Xavier you will always be talking to a real person.