19 Nov 2021

Providing NDIS funded therapy in Ipswich

Xavier provides different types of therapy for children living with disabilities, funding for which can be accessed through the NDIS. From our clinic in Ipswich, our team of therapists are trained and university qualified in a variety of allied health fields to support you and your child.

What is the NDIS and how can Xavier help?

The NDIS provides funding to help you access reasonable and necessary support for your child. Reasonable refers to things which are fair, that is, everyone should have access to them, and necessary means they are needed for your child to manage their disability.

To help you understand what this means for your child and the therapy they can receive, Xavier’s Ipswich team are here to help explain what is available through NDIS funding. Whether you’re entirely new to the NDIS or you’d like to change the type of therapy your child is receiving, our friendly staff can aid you in accessing this funding.

The different types of NDIS funded therapy provided by Xavier Ipswich

1: Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy refers to the development of life skills which your child will need to learn to achieve everyday tasks. Our Ipswich based Occupational Therapists can be funded through the NDIS to help your child reach the following goals:

  • Aid in using the toilet, getting dressed, washing, and other everyday activities
  • Learning fine motor skills
  • Accessing and using modern technology
  • Utilising mobility equipment in the home
  • Seeing a boost in confidence, social skills, and friend making

2: Physiotherapy

Children living with disabilities frequently encounter problems with their physical development, such as bone and muscle weaknesses. Here’s how our Physiotherapists at Xavier’s Ipswich clinic can help your child with their physical wellbeing:

  • Aiding in the development and improvement of posture, spinal health, and stamina
  • An overall increase in your child’s level of fitness
  • Helping your child’s balance and lessening the risk of falls
  • Expanding your child’s participation in group activities such as sports and games
  • Providing a comprehensive increase to your child’s happiness and their quality of life

3: Speech Therapy

Xavier’s Speech Pathologists will assist your child develop their skills in communicating with the people in their life. Our expert Ipswich clinic team will help your child develop their ability to express their needs and wants and understand others. By working with Xavier, you child’s will improve their ability to:

  • Communicate their thoughts, feelings, ideas, needs, and wants to their family, their carer, and others
  • Understand and follow the meanings behind what is being communicated
  • Comprehend the written word through reading and writing
  • Socialise verbally and make new friends
  • Follow instructions
  • Manage and regulate their own emotions and behaviour
  • Learn new words and phrases

4: Music Therapy

Music helps children learn by improving their memory through patterns. It is especially effective IN helping children living with disabilities develop their communication and cognition skills, fine motor skills, and manage pain, behaviour, and emotions. Music is likely already a big part of their life, perhaps they like singing their favourite TV theme song or you’ve already introduced them to your favourite bands. Through NDIS funding our Music Therapists can help your child:

  • Relax and regulate their own emotions and behaviour
  • Find relief and comfort from physical pain
  • Better express themselves
  • Improve their communication skills and their creativity
  • Socialise with friends and family
  • Understand abstract concepts and take part in discussions on creativity
  • Strengthen their cognitive and emotional wellbeing
  • Find joy and happiness through a fun activity!

Find out more

Our Ipswich team is here to support your access the NDIS to receive funding for your child’s therapy. Simply call 1800 XAVIER or email for further information.