14 Jan 2020

Supporting children with a disability through occupational therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) is sometimes thought of as a support for adults, after all, adults have occupations don’t they? However, in occupational therapy, “occupations” refers to the everyday activities that people do as individuals, in families and with communities to occupy time and to bring meaning and purpose to their lives.

For children with a disability, occupational therapy develops the skills that children need to learn, to experience life and to just be a kid. 

For children with a physical disability OT can help with:

  • sensory regulation
  • choosing the right mobility equipment
  • assistive technology such as aids to help your child eat
  • home and vehicle modifications
  • everyday activities like getting dressed, using the bathroom and mealtimes
  • fine motor skills
  • social and community inclusion

Our Occupational Therapists can also provide fun activities to enjoy with your child at home (therapy in disguise!) to further support your child.

Our occupational therapy sessions can be held in one of our clinics, at home or in a community setting. Depending on your child’s needs.

We know that each child is unique and we’re here to work with you and your child to reach their therapy goals.

For further information on and how we can support your child through occupational therapy call 1800 XAVIER, email or complete our simple online form.