17 Jan 2020

Children's disability support services in Brisbane: Nursing

At Xavier, we’ve been providing children’s disability support services in Brisbane for over 70 years. Our nursing service for children and young adults with a disability in Brisbane is one of the ways that we continue to do this.

Our team of nurses work with Brisbane kids and their families to help children with a disability and associated health conditions to enjoy a better quality of life.

Some areas that our nursing team can assist include ­transitioning from a stay in hospital, post-surgery support, pain management and palliative care.

Some of the activities we are able to undertake to support children with a disability in Brisbane include:

- infection control and hand hygiene including strategies to reduce the risk of infection for your child
- basic urinary health and bowel care
- basic medication management
- basic pressure area prevention care
- naso-gastric or PEG feeding and management
- tracheostomy care and management
- urinary catheter or in-out catheter care
- complex wound management
- suctioning
- oxygen therapy and oxygen saturation monitoring
- complex bowel care including rectal medication and enemas
- urinary catheter management (all forms)
- high risk of seizures and seizure management
- diabetes care

For further information on and how our nursing team can support your child or any of our children’s disability support services in Brisbane call 1800 XAVIER or email