10 Jan 2020

Supporting children with a disability through physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is sometimes mistakenly thought of as a therapy to support adults with things like sports injuries or a back bad. While physiotherapy can support adults in this way, it can also have many benefits for children with a physical disability.

At Xavier, we’ve been supporting Brisbane kids with disabilities for over 70 years. Now in 2020, physiotherapy is one of the ways that we help kids with a disability to reach their potential, to become more independent and to achieve their goals.

Physiotherapy enables children to take part in the physical aspects of everyday life to the best of their ability. Our experienced team of physiotherapists can work with your child to assess their needs, provide a diagnosis and create a treatment plan. Your child’s treatment plan will be based on their individual goals. Goals can include improving movement and maintaining or developing strength as well as improving flexibility and posture. Our Physiotherapy team can also help with prescription and advice around mobility equipment. 

Our Physiotherapists can also provide fun activities to enjoy with your child at home (physiotherapy in disguise!) to further support your child in between your formal therapy sessions. Physiotherapy sessions can be held in one of our clinics, at home or in a community setting, depending on your child’s needs.

We know that each child is unique and we’re here to work with you and your child to reach their physio goals.

For further information on Xavier Physiotherapy and how we can support your child call 1800 XAVIER, email or complete our simple online form.