08 Jan 2020

Providing therapy support for children in Brisbane

At Xavier, we’ve been providing support for Brisbane children with complex needs and their families since 1949. Over this time the types of supports and services that we provide have evolved to meet the changing needs of our families.

In 2020, the way in which we provide therapy support for children in Brisbane is evolving. We are expanding the locations of our Community Therapy Clinics to support children and young people in Ipswich, Logan and North Lakes with further locations to be announced throughout the year.

Our Community Therapy Clinics provide a relaxed and fun environment for occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy. Our allied health team are experienced in supporting children with a disability, or multiple disabilities, to do more of the things that they love and to reach both their potential and their therapy goals.

Therapy can support children with a disability in so many ways, helping them to communicate and to become more independent. The outcomes of therapy will depend on the needs of your child.

Our team will also provide ideas for therapy activities at home to further support your child. At-home therapy activities should be fun and feel like playing or as if they are just part of your child’s everyday routine.

Email for further information on Xavier Therapy and our Community Therapy Clinics.