22 Oct 2019

Choosing in-home disability support workers

For families of children with complex needs, your in-home disability Support Worker may spend a significant amount of time with your child and your family. With many service providers offering in-home disability support it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing the right provider and the right Support Worker for your child and your family.

Here are some things to consider when speaking with providers about their in-home disability support service.

  • A Good Match – will the provider match your Support Worker with your child and your family?
  • Specialisations – does the provider support children exclusively or children and adults? Do you have a preference?
  • Health Support – if your child has complex health and disability needs, you might want to consider providers where Support Workers and nursing teams work together to provide the best quality care for your child.
  • Training – Support Workers trained by Registered Nurses and/or Allied Health professionals such as Occupational Therapists might be a preference depending on the needs of your child.
  • Communication – will your provider and your Support Worker keep the lines of communication open, if for example a Support Worker isn’t able to do a shift?
  • Independence – Support Workers should make life easier for your child and your family but they should also encourage independence.
  • Daily Tasks – what daily tasks will your Support Worker assist with and does this meet the needs of your child and your family? Will your Support Worker help with mealtimes, bathing, getting ready for school? Find out the specific detail of the support that will be provided.

For further information on Xavier in-home disability support for children with complex needs, call 1800 XAVIER or fill in our simple enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.