What we do

The NDIS roll out commenced in the Ipswich region from July 2017 and is planned for roll-out across Brisbane from July 2018. Now, more than ever we are working closely with families of children with complex disabilities to help give them control and choice around their individual disability services.

We understand that each child or young person is different and that their services need to be tailored to meet their specific needs. We work to provide the highest quality family support for children with disabilities in Brisbane.

Our core services include:

Specialist Health Support – we work with families to provide the very specialised health support that their child needs. We offer these services within their home and the community, providing respect and dignity.

Respite – we provide respite services for children in Brisbane including in-home, out-of-home and overnight respite, giving them the compassionate care they need.

Skills Development – we work with families to identify gaps in skills and build upon what each child or young person is already able to do to increase their independence.

Counselling & Social Work – we provide counselling services for the whole family to help maintain a happy family environment.

Community Access – we encourage and help facilitate children and young people to get out and about in their community and to enjoy life.

Equipment Assessments – we gather information, document and make a recommendation to identify the right equipment for each child to provide more independence.

Occupational Therapy – we provide occupational therapy support for children in Brisbane through assessments and advice on the best way to support children to develop skills and promote independence. 

To speak to a member of the InFocus team about how our services can benefit your family, please contact us.

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