Equipment Hire - Bathroom Aids & Beds

- Rifton bath chairs
- Moulded fibreglass potty chair
- Goanna potty chair, child size
- Goanna mobile potty chair
- Folding shower commode
- Mobile shower chair ETS youth
- Growing shower chair ETS child
- Flamingo R82 mobile shower commode size 3
- Swan shower chair size 4
- Dukki shower commode size 2
- Elliot potty chair non mobile
- Over toilet chair
- Orca mobile bath
- Penguin bath support
- Mobile Gerry bath
- Baby hip bath
- Columbia bath chair
- Shower stool
- Robbie bath chair
- Reflex bather size 2
- ETS small bath chair
- Etude Duo electric hi-lo bed
- Hospital cots high or low sides
- Pressure relief mattress
- Regency chairs
- Kangbo bed
- Full surround bed

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Equipment Hire is available for NDIS funding.

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