Emergency Respite at Xavier Place

Emergency Respite at Xavier Place



Did you know that Xavier Place now provides emergency respite support? This means that if an emergency happens and you are unable to care for your child, you may be able to access urgent support and book a stay at Xavier Place.

What is Emergency Respite?

Emergency respite is care that is available 24/7 and can be booked with less notice than planned respite care which is booked in advance.

Life can often throw us curveballs. If something unexpected happens and you are unable to care for your loved one, then emergency respite could be a good option.

What is the difference between Planned Respite and Emergency Respite?

Generally, the circumstances that lead to the respite stay will be different for planned and emergency respite.

Planned Respite – is booked in advance to provide you with a break from caring duties. You might use a period of planned respite to:

  • Take time for yourself
  • Spend quality time with other family members
  • Work or study
  • Run errands or catch up on life admin

Emergency Respite – is required at short notice when something unexpected happens and you are unable to care for your loved one. Some examples of when emergency respite is needed might include:

  • You have unexpected sickness or injury
  • There is a family emergency that you need to attend to
  • You need time out urgently for your own wellness
  • Your loved one is being discharged from hospital earlier than anticipated
  • Your planned respite service is unable to care for your loved one

What is an Emergency Care Plan?

It’s a really good idea to have an emergency care plan in place so that if anything happens to you, it’s easier for someone take over from you in a hurry. An emergency care plan has all the information about your child and the care that they need, in one place. This means that important information can be passed on quickly and easily.

An emergency care plan should include:

  • emergency contacts
  • the care needs of your child
  • medical information and contacts
  • prescribed medicines (with Doctor’s contact details)
  • carer emergency cards

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How to Book Emergency Respite at Xavier Place

We are registered with Carer Gateway and Wellways as emergency respite providers.

Carer Gateway is a national support service funded by the Australian Government. It provides free support for carers through a network of regional Carer Gateway service providers. Wellways Australia delivers these services throughout Queensland.

To book or request emergency respite call Carer Gateway on 1800 422 737 and mention Xavier Place.