3 ways counselling supports families and individuals with disability



At Xavier, our qualified counsellors are here to support children and adults with disability and their families to manage the emotional and mental impact of living with their disability.


What is disability counselling?

Disability counselling provides support for people with disability and their families (this can be parents, siblings, partners or carers). Counselling can help them to address the challenges that they face individually and as a family as a result of their family member’s disability.


Ways that counselling can help

  1. Understanding

Counselling provides the opportunity to talk with a professional who understands disability and the challenges involved. Because every disability journey is such a  personal experience, you might feel misunderstood by others that are close to you such as friends or extended family. Over time this can lead to feelings of isolation. Counselling provides a friendly and understanding ear for you to talk through concerns individually or as a family.

  1. Communication

Sometimes communicating with the people closest to us and letting them know how we really feel can be hard. Counselling can facilitate communication between family members and provide strategies for you to improve family communication and in turn relationships. This can help children or adults communicate with their parents about how they are feeling, as well as siblings and partners to get better at voicing their thoughts, wants and needs.

  1. Managing stress

Helping families learn how to manage stress and feelings of overwhelm can improve overall mental health for individuals and the family unit. This support is ongoing because we can all experience stress and overwhelm continuously.  Your counsellor can help you by finding the best methods that help you to cope. This might be small everyday changes such as taking five minutes for mindfulness, taking regular walks or finding a new activity to take part in.

Further information

We currently have availability for individual and family counselling, email to find out availability in your area or use our simple online form and we will be in touch.