The Value of Inclusive Childcare



At Xavier, we believe that every child has the right to participate in mainstream childcare environments such as Early Learning Centres (sometimes called Long Day Care), Outside School Hours Care, Vacation Care and Kindergarten.  We call this inclusive childcare.

What is inclusive childcare?

Inclusive childcare gives children with disability and related high support needs, the opportunity to be included and participate alongside their typically developing peers in a mainstream childcare environment. Inclusive childcare enables children with High Intensity Support needs arising from disability to make friends, learn and grow with their peers while ensuring that their needs are met and that they are safe.

What is High Intensity Support?

Children who require support with the following may be regarded by the NDIS as requiring High Intensity Daily Supports:

- enteral nutrition, especially naso-gastric feeding 
- tracheostomy
- urinary catheter
- emergency post seizure medication
- mealtime management plans
- other specific health-related requirements

It can also include management for diabetes, epilepsy, pressure wound and stoma care where there are other related risk factors involved.

Is inclusive childcare right for my child?

You know your child best. Inclusive childcare is a very personal choice and whether it’s right for your child will depend on their needs, what makes them happy and feel safe and what you as a family are looking for.

The need for inclusive childcare

At Xavier, we recognised that for families of children with High Intensity Support needs, mainstream childcare is not an option open to many. We began working with Catholic Early EdCare and other childcare providers to work out the best ways to make inclusive childcare a reality for families. Our goal, to ensure that children with disability are able to participate, to learn and receive the quality health supports that they need while attending childcare.

Supporting families to access inclusive childcare

Our Inclusion Advisor is working with families of children with High Intensity Support requirements, childcare providers and Support Workers to assist with ensuring that:

  • the needs of each child are being met
  • families are able to access NDIS funding for a Support Worker
  • childcare providers have the support that they need to include children with disability
  • the childcare provider and the Support Worker understand their roles and responsibilities
  • families feel supported through their journey
  • the best outcomes in education, participation and inclusion are achieved for each child

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about inclusive childcare for your child, call 1800 XAVIER or fill in our easy online enquiry form and we will be in touch.