Caring for Cailin



Cailin’s Support Worker Kelsi, recently turned to our nursing team for advice when she became concerned about Cailin’s muscle tone and irritability. As Xavier Support Workers receive ongoing support and training from our nursing team, Kelsi was able to speak to our Registered Nurse Cherie who assessed Cailin’s condition and recommended that an adjustment in the dosage of one of Cailin’s medications would help. After a quick trip to the family GP with mum Nicole, Cailin’s medication dosage was adjusted, as per Cherie's recommendation, and Cailin has been feeling much better.

Nicole says “Having that information was actually very useful. I had been expecting to make a hospital call and visit.”

Our nursing team work very closely with our Support Workers with the goal to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions which we were able to do for Cailin.