03 Aug 2022

3 tips to find the right support for your child

When your child has a disability and needs a range of supports in place, it can feel like an overwhelming task to even know where to start finding the right providers. Within the NDIS, each participant or their nominee, has choice and control over the providers you select.


Depending on how your child’s plan is managed, you may select from NDIS registered providers and/or non-NDIS registered providers to meet your needs.


But with so many providers available, how do you know which are right for your child and your family? Here are our top 3 quick tips to help get you started.


Tip 1: Get recommendations


Personal recommendations from within your support network are a great place to start. Those who are already involved in your child’s support or health care, educators, your family or friends will understand your child’s needs. They will be well placed to recommend a provider that may be a good fit to meet your child’s needs and help them to reach the goals in their NDIS plan.


Tip 2: Research


There is so much information available online from providers that gives you an insight into:

  • the type of supports provided
  • the location in which supports are provided
  • their culture and vision
  • the children that they already support


Doing your research online and creating a shortlist of providers that looks like they might meet the needs of your child and your family is a good place to start. Check out providers social media channels as well as their website to get a really good idea of how they work.


Also take a look at online directories that are created to support families searching for services such as the Source Kids Directory.


Tip 3: Call


Picking up the phone and having a chat to potential providers will give you an insight into whether they are the right fit for your child and your family. It will help you to understand whether they have availability or whether you need to go on a waitlist for services and, if applicable, how long the wait might be. The person that you talk to should be able to provide this information as well as detailed information about:


  • the experience, training and qualifications of team members
  • the locations in which support can be provided
  • the approach that they take to supporting children with disability
  • their intake process if you choose to book services or supports


Further info


If you’d like further information on how Xavier can support your child with disability and your family:

  • call us on 1800 XAVIER
  • email
  • complete one of our easy online forms for the relevant supports


At Xavier, we work with families to provide support and services that enable families of children with disability to live the best lives possible. We’ve been providing disability support in Brisbane for over 70 years.