05 Apr 2022

Providing Occupational Therapy for Children Living with Disability in Ipswich

Xavier has been supporting children living with disability for over 70 years. Among the different therapies we offer is occupational therapy, which can be provided locations throughout the Ipswich area, to meet your child’s and family’s needs.

Many people think of occupational therapy as workplace rehabilitation, but its real meaning is much broader. Occupational therapy refers to developing the skills we all need to complete everyday tasks. This includes a wide variety of activities ranging from dressing and personal hygiene, to the use of modern technologies like tablets. If your child needs assistance completing such activities, Xavier’s Occupational Therapy team will help them support themselves, find independence, and ultimately live a happier life.

What does Occupational Therapy involve?

Xavier’s team of qualified Occupational Therapists are highly committed in their approach to supporting children who live with disability on their journey to becoming more self-sufficient. We work with children to help them achieve their goals in completing everyday tasks. In doing so, not only do we directly help your child with such tasks, but the independence your child finds along the way will help them become more confident, more social, and ultimately the happiest child they can be.

When we see your child for occupational therapy, you will be supported by one of our highly trained and university qualified Occupational Therapists. They can help you and your child understand the benefits of occupational therapy and how it can assist your child with:

  • Strengthening the small muscles which are used for fine motor skills, such as those in the fingers and hands
  • Learning to dress themselves
  • Becoming able to wash themselves
  • Using the bathroom
  • Developing better hand-eye coordination
  • Understanding and using modern technologies in their home
  • Becoming more independent, and boosting their self-confidence in turn
  • Using their newfound self-confidence in social situations to make new friends and improve existing relationships
  • Increasing your child’s overall quality of life

Occupational therapy helps children living with disability find and maintain their independence, making both their own and their families lives easier and more fun.

Financing Occupational Therapy for your child

Xavier is also able to help the families of children living with disability receive funding to pay for occupational therapy by providing the necessary assessments and reports.

The NDIS provides funding which supports activities deemed either reasonable or necessary for your child. Reasonable activities are those which everyone should have fair access to regardless of their ability, and necessary activities are those which are necessary to manage a disability, and for many children this will include occupational therapy. Xavier can assist you with the NDIS regardless of whether this is your first time accessing funding, or if your child is already a participant and you would simply like to make changes to their NDIS plan to accommodate occupational therapy.

Xavier’s Locations

In addition to supporting families throughout the Ipswich area, Xavier has several other locations in Brisbane where you can receive Occupational Therapy for your child, or any of the other supports we provide. You can find Xavier in the following clinic locations:

  • Chermside West
  • Wooloowin
  • Springfield Lakes
  • Scarborough
  • North Lakes

Xavier’s Occupational Therapists also offer home visits so they can support your child where they are at their most comfortable. Doing so allows us to address your child’s individual needs and incorporate your family and existing care teams in your child’s therapy.  

Further Information

For more information on how Xavier’s Occupational Therapists can support your child’s development and independence, simply call 1800 XAVIER or email to contact a member of our support team for further information.