20 Oct 2021

Supporting children with disability through at-home therapy

Therapy assists children with disabilities and helps empower them to lead happier lives. At Xavier, our therapy team will work with you to provide therapy in a space that is comfortable for your child. This is often at home where they can be close to their family. The effectiveness of the therapy can be increased through the inclusion of the people they feel closest to.

We provide different types of therapies and our qualified and experienced allied health therapists work together as a multi-disciplinary team to get the best possible outcomes for your child.  Therapy can be provided at one of our many clinic locations, in your home, at school or another community setting depending on what works for your child and your family.

Occupational Therapy

While commonly used to refer to rehabilitation in the workplace, for children with disability Occupational Therapy helps children with disability and their families to improve their everyday lives. Our Occupational Therapists can assist you and your child in your home in the following ways:

  • Support with toileting, dressing, and washing, and other daily activities.
  • Working on fine motor skills
  • Advice and prescription for mobility equipment
  • Support with assistive technology (AT)
  • Helping build your child’s confidence and social skills


Children who live with disabilities often experience muscle weakness and issues with physical development. From the comfort of your home, Xavier’s physiotherapists can support children living with disabilities to improve their physical ability in the following ways:

  • Improving their posture and spine health
  • Increasing their stamina
  • Reducing the likelihood of falls
  • Helping to increase their ability to participate in physical activities
  • Improving their overall quality of life and happiness

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists assist children with both their ability to communicate and their ability to understand others. With can visit your home, where our qualified speech pathologists can support your child in the development of both receptive and expressive language skills. The added participation and support of parents and other family members can encourage your child to communicate and improve their language development. Working together, you will see improvement in your child’s ability to:

  • Communicate their wants and needs
  • Understand what is being asked of them
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Socialise and make new friends
  • Follow instructions and manage their own behaviour
  • Learn new words

Music Therapy

Children love music. Melodies and harmonies help them learn through better memorising information. Music has been proven particularly effective to support children who live with disabilities, especially in their speech, cognition, motor coordination, pain management, and relaxation. It is also just plain fun!

Often music is already a part of a child’s home life, whether they hear it on television or pick up on their parents’ favourite songs. Bringing one of our music therapists into the picture boosts the learning power of music, as well as providing:

  • Comfort and helping with behavioural disabilities
  • Relief through pain management
  • Improvements in expression, language, and creativity
  • Occasions to engage in socialisation and creative discussions
  • A happy environment for the child, yourself, and your family

Our locations

We can provide at home therapy in any of the following suburbs, as well as other suburbs in the greater Brisbane area.

  • Wooloowin
  • Ipswich
  • North Lakes
  • Logan
  • Scarborough

Check out our Community Therapy Clinics page. You can also combine at home therapy with therapy at one of our clinics.

Find out more

Our team of allied health therapists are here to support your child and your family. To find out more simply call 1800 XAVIER or email for further information.