24 Nov 2021

Supporting children with disability through in-home support

In-home support helps children living with disability to lead happier, healthier lives with their families. Our Support Workers are trained to care for your child’s specific needs.

Who are Xavier’s at-home support workers?

Xavier has been providing support for children living with disability and their families for over 70 years.

Our Support Workers can help children living with disabilities and their families with activities throughout the day and night. This can cover a wide range of tasks, including showering and bathing, getting dressed, eating, taking medication and health support.

Our team can help your child or young person to work towards their NDIS goals at home, as well as with getting outside and engaging with the activities they love, providing an increase to their quality of life.

Our in-home Support Workers make life easier for the families of children living with disability. Xavier’s Support Workers receive training from our Registered Nurses to manage your child’s unique needs and help them get involved with their family at home and the community. We can provide support for:

  • Personal care
  • Enteral feeding through PEG and nasogastric tubes
  • Aiding with difficulty swallowing and choking
  • Breathing and suctioning
  • C Pap and Bi pap machines
  • Children with epilepsy or high seizure risk
  • First aid, pressure, and simple wound care
  • Washing and cleaning
  • Managing allergies
  • Epi-pen use
  • Bowel care
  • Diabetes management
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Catheter care and use
  • Medications management
  • Controlling infections

NDIS funding for at-home support

You can use your child’s NDIS funding for Xavier in-home support.

Finding the Right At-Home Support Worker for Your Child

Finding the right at-home Support Worker for your child is the most important step toward providing them the support they need. It’s vital to find someone who your family and your child connect with as your Support Worker may spend a lot of time in your home. Following these steps can help you narrow it down:

  1. Determine your child’s needs

Every child living with disability has unique needs to be met. Making a list to determine exactly what they need support with will be crucial when it comes to choosing your child’s Support Worker. This will enable you to match your child’s needs with their skills.

  1. Do your research

The next step is finding your child’s Support Worker. Perhaps you already know someone, but if not there are other options. For children with complex needs, we can help you to find the right in-home Support Worker for your child.

  1. Interview candidates

Always ask potential Support Workers about their skills and experience to ensure your needs align. If possible, also ask your Support Worker or the organisation that they work for, for professional references.

  1. Set expectations

A service agreement with your provider of in-home support will help to set expectations around the support that they deliver.

Find out more

Our team is here to support your access the NDIS to receive funding for your child’s in-home support. Simply call 1800 XAVIER or email for further information.