07 Jun 2021

The NDIS & Therapy: Support for children with a disability in Ipswich

Our multi-disciplinary therapy team support children and young people with disability in the Ipswich area to improve their everyday lives.


Under the NDIS, your child can receive funding for therapy support to help them to meet the goals set out in their plan. Let’s take a look in more detail at how therapy works within the NDIS, the types of therapy that the NDIS will fund and the best ways to request therapy support.


What is the support category for therapy?

Within the NDIS there are three categories of support. They are core supports, capital supports and capacity building supports. Therapy is a capacity building support meaning that it helps to improve skills and to increase independence over time.

What types of therapy will the NDIS fund?

As with all supports under the NDIS, support must be considered to be reasonable and necessary in order for funding to be provided. To meet the reasonable and necessary criteria, the NDIA will look for information to show that the requested funding for therapy will help your child to reach their goals. Some of the types of therapy that the NDIS will typically fund include occupational therapy, speech pathology, and physiotherapy.


How much does therapy cost?

Registered NDIS providers must not charge more for therapy services than the maximum limits of the current NDIS Price Guide. If your child’s plan is self-managed and you choose to use a non-registered provider you can negotiate rates directly with them.


How to request therapy funding

Your request for therapy funding for your child should be accompanied by evidence based reports from therapists or clinicians to show that the support requested relates to the goals set in your child’s NDIS plan. You will need to show how therapy helps (or will help) your child to reach their goals.


Further information

Our team of experienced allied health professionals provide therapy services throughout greater Brisbane area including Ipswich. For further information on Xavier Therapy email or visit our therapy pages