17 Dec 2021

Children's at-home Speech Therapy tips

Ordinarily, over the Christmas and summer school holidays, regular family routines can be disrupted. However, with COVID impacting families throughout Brisbane during this time, this can especially disrupt families of children with complex disability and your regular therapy routine.


Our team of therapists are still here to support you and the option for telehealth is available.


However, if your child misses a therapy session (or two), don’t panic. There are things that you can do at home to support them. And they’re so much fun you won’t even know that you’re doing “therapy homework”!


Here are some ideas to try but remember to have fun and if something doesn’t work don’t worry. Try again another day or move onto another activity. And remember, some days therapy at home will go better than other days and that’s ok too!



Singing is a great way to improve your child’s oral speech. Get the whole family involved in a sing-a-long and have some fun! If your child knows any signs, encourage them to sign any of the words that they know in the song and sign along with them.  



Ability appropriate play will support your child’s communication. Some card or board games recommended by our Speech Pathologists include Uno Moo and Guess Who. There are a huge range of apps available to support your child’s communication too. Get further info on apps.


Story time

Reading books with lots of colourful pictures and words is a fabulous speech therapy activity. It helps with understanding and introduces new words and vocabulary as well as reinforcing more familiar words. Some of our favourite Aussie Christmas books include Christmas Wombat, Santa’s Aussie Holiday and An Aussie Night Before Christmas.



Your child will probably be spending more time at home than usual over the holidays which means there are more things that they will need or want from you during the day. Encourage your child to ask for the things that they want and need (such as food, drink, help going to the toilet or even just a hug) by using the communication method that they are working on. Whether this is speaking, signing or AAC, use them at every opportunity and make them a part of daily activity. So, instead of pre-empting what your child needs and immediately providing it, allow them to ask for it or prompt them to ask.



Speech Pathologists love bubbles and there are so many ways you can use bubbles in fun activities at home. You can have your child blow the bubbles which helps to teach them to position their lips in a way that is needed to make certain speech sounds such as “oo”. Or you can use bubbles as a reward if your child completes a speech therapy activity such as repeating words or sounds.  


Further information

Our team of experienced Speech Pathologists support children with complex disability and their families throughout Brisbane and the greater Brisbane area. We work closely with families to support children to improve their communication and feeding difficulties so that they can be included and participate at home, at school and in their communities.


If you’d like further info about Xavier Speech Therapy, check out our Speech Therapy page, call us on 1800 XAVIER or email