19 Oct 2020

The NDIS & therapy support for children in Brisbane

If your child has high support needs, it is very likely that you will be requesting funds for therapy as part of your child’s NDIS plan. At Xavier, we provide therapy support for children and young adults throughout Brisbane and the greater Brisbane region. If you are just starting out on your therapy journey, what do you need to know about therapy support?


How is therapy categorised in the NDIS?


There are three main categories of supports within the NDIS. They are:

  • core supports,
  • capital supports
  • capacity building supports.


Therapy is a capacity building support.


What therapies will the NDIS fund?


As with other supports, in order to get funding for occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy or other allied health support, the NDIA must deem the support as be reasonable and necessary.  So the answer to this question is based on the needs of your child and the goals set out in their NDIS plan.


Who can provide therapy support for my child?


The NDIS gives you choice and control over providers so that you can choose to who delivers the services and supports to meet the unique needs of your child. Dependent on how you choose to manage your plan, you may be able to select from both non NDIS registered and registered NDIS providers. If you are Agency (NDIA) Managed you must select only from NDIS registered providers.  At Xavier, we are registered NDIS providers for therapy support.


Further information


If you would like further information on therapy support for children in Brisbane (and surrounding areas) including physiotherapy for children with high support needs, occupational therapy and children’s speech therapy simply complete our enquiry form or call 1800 XAVIER.