13 Mar 2020

Speech Therapy Blog: Supporting children with a disability through AAC

At our new community therapy clinic in Ipswich, we are supporting children and young adults with a disability to improve their communication skills using AAC. 

What is AAC?

ACC stands for augmentative and alternative communication. This term is used to describe various methods of communication to help people who are not able to use verbal speech to communicate, or who have limited verbal speech.  

Types of AAC

The different types of AAC are wide and varied. Your child’s speech pathologist should work with your child and you to find the right types of AAC to suit your child and support them to meet their communication goals. There are two main types of AAC, they are aided and unaided.

Unaided systems mean that a child can use their own body to communicate so this includes signing, gestures, facial expressions and body language.

Aided systems use some kind of tool or device to support communication. Types of aided AAC include communication boards, PODD books (printed and digital) touch screens, eye gaze technology and so on. Aided systems can be basic or high-tech.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about how we’re supporting kids in the Ipswich area to improve their communication skills, drop us an email at for further info.